As an artist, I express my emotional response to being in a particular place at a particular time.  My work invites viewers to become more than spectators, by re-experiencing the feelings and sensations nature evokes. When exposure light and compositional elements are manipulated, it is to suggest and communicate the energetic forces that pulsate beneath the surface and connect all of life.  When I experience this energetic connection, a deep healing takes place, both physically and spiritually.  Not only do I reconnect with the external natural world, I also rediscover my authentic self as I reflect on what my vision reveals about my internal nature.

Exploring nature is a very meditative experience that helps me understand my place in the web of life.  Although existence and experiences are transitory, the photographic process transforms awareness by focusing attention on what is most significant and enduring.  Capturing moments of genuine connection through photographs makes it possible to preserve and to share these experiences with people who may not have access to pristine natural settings or have lost the ability to connect with the transformational power of nature in a technologically driven society. My images are made situating myself fully within the web of life, instead of standing outside and capturing a subject, and invite others to become more empathetic toward all life forms and to achieve greater understanding of their position in our ecosystem.  This way of being is the foundation of the cultural shift that is necessary to ensure the future viability of the planet.

Water has been important to me for my entire life, and as our rivers and waterways have become increasingly endangered it has become even more of a calling to document them through my photography.  In high school, I got excused from school frequently to go test waterways for changes following big rainstorms and discharges.  In college, I tracked dolphins and assisted in a project analyzing the aesthetic impact of pristine rivers. These days, I take my kayak or hike long distances into the environment to capture the photographs for my current exhibition at the South Florida Museum on Florida's changing water and other environmental installations. 

Lynne Buchanan

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 If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me at lynne@lynnebuchanan.com, or call me at (941) 350-4590..  Photographs are available in small sizes in open editions, and in larger sizes in very limited editions.  

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Changing Waters: Human Impact on Florida's Aquatic Systems; Photography by Lynne Buchanan,  South Florida Museum Bradenton, Florida, February 11–June 5, 2016

South Florida Museum, 201 20th St. W, Bradenton, FL 34205