Palouse Old Red Farm1200.jpg
Steptoe Butte, Sunset from the Base1443.jpg
Palouse Sunrise Final1484.jpg
Fields Just Before Sunset from Steptoe Butte4273.jpg
The Palouse Shadows and Patterns 4277.jpg
Palouse Evening Light Making the Shadows Come Alive 4270.jpg
Wheat at Dawn1191.jpg
Palouse Wheatfield Patterns in the Morning Light4022.jpg
View from K? Butte4132.jpg
Fields, The Palouse4185.jpg
Stitched Fields4200.jpg
Sunrise Patterns Steptoe Butte4205.jpg
The Palouse with a Tuscanesque Setting in the Background4279.jpg
Palouse Fileds in the Morning Light4086.jpg
Patchwork of Fields4176.jpg
Squiggly Lines4147.jpg
Hay Bales with the Field Beyond1261.jpg
Palouse Hay Bales1258.jpg
Wall of Wheat4066.jpg
Fields with Steptoe Butte in the Distance, Palouse1244.jpg
Palouse Wheat Close Up4069.jpg
Palouse Weeds1218.jpg
Palouse Silos1256.jpg
Palouse Wagon Wheels1330.jpg
Palouse Tractor and Thresher1491.jpg
Barn Reclaimed by the Earth1203.jpg
Palouse Barn Wall with Window4099.jpg
Shed with Thresher1274.jpg
Palouse Hanging Ladder from a Covered Bridge4283.jpg
Palouse River Green Slime4103.jpg
Palouse Creek with Fish4105.jpg