Press Release & Quotes

“With unspoken irony, Lynne Buchanan’s photographs expose the toxic destruction of Florida’s inland waters and coastal areas in a devastating indictment of unrestrained industrialization and reckless development. She has crisscrossed the state to find and bear witness to the devastation that we might see, understand, and be moved to action to remediate the situation in this state, which is a bellwether for the rest of the country.”

—Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

"In this captivating illustrated debut, photographer and activist Buchanan chronicles the environmental damage being done to Florida's waterways, showcasing a devastating plight facing her native state. Buchanan is unapologetic and feels no need to be diplomatic, tersely stating, ‘In Florida, as in many other parts of the United States, development often trumps maintaining clean-water standards. Florida recently acquired the dubious distinction of having the second-worst drinking water in the nation.’ Photographs of untouched waterways are breathtaking, showcasing abundant wildlife and picturesque and mystic underwater realms. Yet these images evoke a sense of both foreboding and tragedy, especially in Buchanan's images of meager streams, dried up riverbeds, and ugly swaths of toxic algae slowly choking the life out of once vibrant areas. Stirring images of areas like Central Florida's Johnson Springs capture a fading beauty still visible through the muck and slime, and help reinforce Buchanan's argument that Florida's waters are rapidly running out of time. Rounding out the volume are insightful essays by ecologist Robert L. Knight and Stetson University professor Jason M. Evans, the latter noting that with climate change, ‘it will be impossible to return Florida's waterways and natural ecosystems to some historical 'pristine' state.’ Buchanan's beautifully rendered volume is a must-have for environmentalists and conservationists."

—Publisher's Weekly

“As a father, teacher, and citizen, I am beyond thankful to have someone as talented as Lynne Buchanan care enough to show how Florida’s waterways are changing, perhaps inspiring some of us to act just a bit more wisely and conscientiously. Maybe, just maybe, the tortuous path of reclaiming beauty in the waters is the same path that will give us the best hope of saving ourselves.”

—Jason M. Evans

“Lynne Buchanan’s vivid pictures of Florida’s changing waters, both pristine and despoiled, remind us of the present and the past, what we once had and what we have now, and the depleted future we may bequeath to our children’s children. Her images further remind us that greed and ignorance, the failure of personal responsibility and government oversight must be overcome if Florida is to avoid losing its endangered springs, leaving a depleted future to those who follow.”

—Robert L. Knight

“Fabulous book, full of well-printed wonderful images. While there are many outstanding images, the one on the front dust jacket that is on page 201 is a knockout. Although the subject matter is different, reminds me of some of Eliot Porters work.”

—Robert Anderson


Florida’s Changing Waters is available through, and at select bookstores. Available to the trade at George F. Thompson Publishing or Casemate IPM. A limited number of signed copies are available by contacting the artist.