Illuminated Dying Tree with Storm Looming Ansel Adams Presets3335.jpg
View from Blackrock Channel Mixer AA Black and White3326.jpg
Flaming Azalea Before the Rain, Roan Mountain B&W3532.jpg
Catawba Falls with Rocks2900.jpg
Catawba Falls After the Rains2918.jpg
Erosion Catawba Falls State Park2924.jpg
Water Eroding the Earth After Flooding Rain, Catawba Falls2851.jpg
Wood Burl with Vines Equalizing Lab Channels1757.jpg
Cumberland Fallen Oak on the Eroded Riverbank Black and White1593.jpg
Cumberland Island Oaks Resurrection Ferns and Moss Black and White 1612.jpg
Upside Down Orchid Black and White1530.jpg
Roan Mountain Bent Tree in the Fog Lightroom, Silver Effects and Photoshop3562-Edit.jpg
Old Kerosene Rags Mood Forrest.jpg
Moody Forest Giant Cypress Black and White2337.jpg
Catawba Falls Cascade2930.jpg
Craggy Gardens Tree Black and White3363.jpg
Contemplative Owl Black and White7292.jpg
Helaconia Buds Huddling Together9399.jpg
Lichen Man Dark4087.jpg
Patterns in the Glaciers 11 x 17 Black and White4084.jpg
Storm over Glacier Alley, Patagonia 11 X 17 3591.jpg
Yawning Leopard Seal3670.jpg
Tidal Sand Patterns8428.jpg
Badlands, Petrified Forest7287.jpg
Desoation in the Desert for Reivew.jpg
Green River_8306wip.jpg
Abundance in Lake Martin7484.jpg
Vestiges of Dancing Seaweed.jpg
Stairway to Heaven7762.jpg
Old Kerosene Rags Mood Forrest.jpg
The Beauty of DecayDSC_9343.jpg
After the Flood_2322.jpg
Flowers by the Sea_8723.jpg
Window to Nowhere7518.jpg
Flaming Azalea Before the Rain, Roan Mountain B&W3532.jpg