Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Penguin Portrait8738.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Penguin Abstract8680.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Penguin Couple8772.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Communicating on a Higher Level8806.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Chick with Parents8138.jpg
Chick on Feet 8577.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Two Parents with Two Chicks Front and Back Views8591.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Close Up Two Chicks on Feet8594.jpg
Emperor Penguin Chick on a Parents8623.jpg
Kidnapping Attempt8601.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Successful Kidnapping8602.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Pengin with Flappers Outstretched and Chick Walking7175.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Penguin Dispaly7196.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Chick Melee8748.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Chicks Following a Parent with a Glacier Backdrop7150.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Chicks and Parents and Wandering Penguins8548.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Antarctic Emperor Parent About to Feed its Young Chick8196.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Chicks in Various States of Consciousness7991.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Chicks Learnng to Move in the Snow7988.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Chick Huddle8212.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Penguin Colony Chicks and Adults8210.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Chick Plopped on the Ground in the Middle of the Group8211.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Chicks Huddling in Front of the Babies7919.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Parent Feeding a Chick in the Colony7972.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Family8705.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Parent Feeding the Chick.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Penguin Advanced Guard Snow Hill Island Day 16952.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Penguin Welcoming Committee7075.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Penguin Colony with Penguin's Beak Upraised8249.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Penguin Colony with Lone Incoming Penguin8246.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Penguin Family7132.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-First Introductions6961.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperors in the Whiteout7835.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Four Emperor Penguins in a Whiteout7836.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperpor Chick and Parent with Wing Outstretched 7003.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Look at Me!7892.jpg
Parent and Chick Portrait8571.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-First Steps8709.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Parent and Child Walking by a Frozen Chick8012.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Hungry Chick8030.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Heralding our Arrival6960.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Strutting Their Stuff8006.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Parent Feeding a Check8198.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Snow Hill Island Emperor Chick with its Head in its Parent's Beak8200.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Two Chicks Walking Off7883.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Walking Forward to Check Out the Scene7999.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Penguin Portrait7925.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Levitating7958.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Preening8827.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Nudging the Chick Front and Center8713.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Parent Holding the Chick on its Feet8757.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Whispering Secrets8751.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Tobogannning Portrait7923.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Preening in the Snow7938.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Penguins Strolling by the Group Unconcerned7119.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Walking in Opposite Directions7904.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Penguins by the Glacier7743.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Vertical Penguins and Glacier7745.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Two Emperors on the Shorelines7805.jpg
Lynne Buchanan-Emperor Discussion on the Ice Spit7699.jpg