Buriganga Canal (Old Source of River)1102.jpg
Buriganga River Dredger0956.jpg
Barefoot by the Buriganga River7135.jpg
Buriganga River Boatmen, Children Collecting Greens and Other Activities7109.jpg
Buriganga River Brick Transporters7146.jpg
Buriganga River Balancing Bricks7082.jpg
Buriganga River Children.  This is Their Home.jpg
Buriganga River Drainage Pipe0958.jpg
Buriganga River Dying Industry1092.jpg
Buriganga River Laundry0939.jpg
Buriganga River Life Goes On0959.jpg
Buriganga River Man Oaring with People Picking Plastic and Garbage on the Shoreline 1080.jpg
Buriganga River Old Dhaka Landing1124.jpg
Buriganga River Sewer Discharge0942.jpg
Buriganga River Tannery Hides and Workers0953.jpg
Buriganga River–Dying Plastic Bags7133.jpg
Buriganga River, Children and Others Congregating in Front of a Drain Pipe0966.jpg
Buriganga River, Cricket and Fishing Poles0952.jpg
Buriganga River, Washing Clothes by the Riverkeeper Boat0915.jpg
Buriganga RiverOarsmen and Bustling LIfe1099.jpg
Children Looking at Something of Concern in the Buriganga River7153.jpg
Drainage Pipe7065.jpg
Effluent Pipe from Tanneries? and Dried up Canal0944.jpg