The Earth Will Reclaim Our Homes, Ruins, East End of Molokai

Molokai, East End Ruins with a Forest Inside

Molokai, East End Ruins with a Forest Inside

The Earth Will Reclaim our Homes


Whether our homes are made of stones, wood, concrete or brick,

the mortar that binds our walls will never be strong enough

to keep nature out.

We are not prescient enough to anticipate every gap

that invites in the elements, and good that we’re not

or our homes would become mausoleums.

We ask for protection from the winds and rain,

scorching heat and fires, but nothing we build

can withstand the persistence of nature’s rhythms.

What has the greatest right to be here?

The trees, the mosquitoes hiding in damp corners,

the insects and bacteria proliferating in the soil,

or we humans who mistakenly believe we are in control?

Why are we so drawn to dilapidation and ruins? 

Is it a return to the 19th century longing to experience

instead of regulate the vastness before us that shrinks daily,

filled up with buildings and roadways and artificial networks

that veil Fibonacci spirals and the secret workings of Mycorrhizae.

Let the trees in, I say.  Let their greening rejuvenate me

and may they be a living roof for our planet.