Agricultural Water Use and the Importance of Finding Better Ways

Water at Midday in 90 Degree Heat

When I was driving through North Florida yesterday, I came across this giant field that was being watered by industrial sprinklers hemorrhaging water at 2 pm in 90 degree heat.  It was hard to fathom how much water was being lost to evaporation.  In the old days, before I undertook this water project and I used to water my lawn, I knew only to water in the early morning before water was lost to the atmosphere from the warming temperatures of the sun.  As I stood there photographing this scene, I thought again what an important step John Paul, the citrus grower I meet in La Belle, had taken be installing underground irrigation systems that use 40 percent less water.  All agricultural industries need to become more cognizant of water usage and any subsidies our government gives them should be directed at reducing water usage through new technologies and not in giving them free water to squander... It is time to find better ways before our springs are tapped out.