Coming Home

Tuscawilla Preserve in Springtime ©Lynne Buchanan
It is always such a delight to return to my home and the lovely prairie down the street, especially in springtime when the spiderwort are in bloom.  Here I can see life exploding in brilliant purplish blues when the blossoms are kissed by the sun and open to the world. To wander just a few feet into Tuscawilla Preserve makes me feel as though I am in another world, a world where for a moment I can escape from thoughts about the destruction of the planet and can again believe in rebirth.  Everywhere I look, the earth is carpeted with these delicate flowering plants.

Spiderwort Explosion ©Lynne Buchanan
Tuscawilla Trail ©Lynne Buchanan
The Spanish Moss draped over the sweeping and majestic live oak trees, the ferns, and the cabbage palms all create a beautiful ecosystem that the Native peoples who settled here must have found sacred, and for me it is sacred still...

Spiderwort Portrait ©Lynne Buchanan
I stop in awe at many of the individual expressions of these glorious flowers along the way, appreciating the angle at which their heads tilt, the rich bluish purple of their three petals, the yellow of their six anthers, the unopened buds that will unfurl next, and say prayers of gratitude that this beauty still exists within my earthly home.