The Sweet Beauty of the Tulip Tree Magnolia

Tulip Tree Magnolia Blossoms
This image was made today at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.  The Tulip Tree Magnolia's were fantastic, their blossoms displaying their last display of ripeness before all the petals fell from the trees.  See the gently unfurling flowers offset against the orbs created by the blurry flowers behind them was magical.  Just wanted to share this beautiful display of early spring in Florida.  Even my new puppy was impressed.  He and a friend came with me and I think he will be a fine assistant–especially if I can train him to hunt for dropped lens caps.  He sat very well-behaved while I put the camera on the tripod and took multiple images to stack.  I never suspected that a four-month-old puppy would tolerate photography.  Perhaps he too is attuned to the beauty of nature, though I know dogs are color blind, so much of the magic of this image would have been lost on him.