Kayakers Coming in From Apalachicola Riverkeeper Annual River Trek

Rounding the Bend for the Final Stretch

Kayakers Completing the 106+ Mile Journey Down the Apalachicola River

The photographs above show the kayakers coming in from their 106+ mile trek down the Apalachicola River as part of an annual Apalachicola Riverkeeper fundraiser.  They made the journey in five days and camped along the river.  Hopefully, I will be joining them next year!  92% of all creatures in the Gulf of Mexico spend time in the Apalachicola Bay.  Keeping this bay healthy and with enough fresh water is critical to our ecosystem.

It is not to late to contribute to the Apalachicola Riverkeeper in honor of their efforts.  Either go to the Apalacicola Riverkeeper Facebook page or click the link below.