Tuscawilla Lake, A Magical Evening in a Pristine Paradise

Tuscawilla Lake with Rainbow and Lotus ©Lynne Buchanan
Last evening was incredibly special on Tuscawilla Lake.  When we set out in our canoe, we had no idea what kind of show nature was going to put on for us.  The lotus blossoms were out and the egrets and herons were enjoying landing in them and fishing for what was hiding under the big leaves.  Then a rainbow began to form.  The prairie care taker had told us they've been appearing every night lately.  The water was so calm, which allowed the rainbow to reflect subtly inviting me even further into the scene.

Underwater Glow ©Lynne Buchanan
The light got more and more magical and then I looked down and saw this lily pad under water illuminated with the light refracted through the surface imbuing it with the most golden glow. Floating there it looked ethereal and other worldly.

Fishing ©Lynne Buchanan

We alternated between watching the birds fish and the clouds form.  Their shape changed so quickly it was hard to keep it.  They went from interesting to dramatic to absolutely mind blowing  and by the time the light was gone, they had mostly disappeared.

Whale Cloud ©Lynne Buchanan

Sculptural Cloud Formation ©Lynne Buchanan
Clouds in the Lake ©Lynne Buchanan
Tuscawilla Sunset with Clouds ©Lynne Buchanan

Tuscawilla Last Light  ©Lynne Buchanan