Everglades Off Season–A Beautiful Place to Visit

East River Mangroves ©Lynne Buchanan

This morning we kayaked the East River in the Everglades.  'There was soft light before we entered the tunnels and then it became cloudier, making the colors of the tunnels appear spectacular.  It threatened to rain the whole day, and a few drops fell while we were in the tunnels but we were dry under cover.  
Mangrove Tunnel ©Lynne Buchanan
The tunnels were amazing.  The clouds were such a benefit, as the light did not make the images too contrasty.  I was so excited to see all the colors and all the detail in what would typically have been in shadow.

Saw Grass ©Lynne Buchanan
The saw grass was so incredible too.  The softness of the light revealed all the different shades and made the grass appear even softer and whispier.

Funghi ©Lynne Buchanan
In the tunnels on the way back, I saw these fungi on a mangrove root.  It was so dark in the tunnel because of the increased clods that it really made the mushrooms stand out.
Exiting the Tunnel ©Lynne Buchanan
The end of the tunnel opened out on to the verdant green of the mangroves, which were perfectly reflected in the calm water creating a dreaming paradise.

Miniature Mangrove Dancing in the Grass ©Lynne Buchanan
Later, we went to Ten Thousand Islands.  We climbed the observation tower and I saw this sweet little  baby mangrove that looked as if it was dancing in the grass.  The light, which was intermittent, came through and lit up the scene just the right amount without blowing out the water.
Ten Thousand Islands Pastel Sunset ©Lynne Buchanan
Then, on the way back to the car, I looked out from Marsh Trail onto the water and saw these beautiful pastel sunset, which was saved from being too subtle by the dramatic white cloud.  The whites and soft yellows of the white cloud were a perfect compliment to the lavenders in the other clouds, and the reflection of the clouds and the mangroves made the scene complete.