On Being Grateful for Beauty

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  May you walk in beauty, peace, and happiness, as this Navajo woman whom Edward Curtis photographed surely did.  The bliss that is yours that comes from appreciating the boundless beauty in the world awaits you if you open yourself completely to the miracles of the universe.  As the Navajo prayer concludes, when you walk with awareness of beauty all around you, your words become beautiful.  As we all know from experience, your words create our reality...

Today I am thankful I still possess a childlike wonderment for life and all its glorious manifestations.  I am blessed not to be jaded and to still believe in infinite possibilities for growth and giving back.  My gratitude for my wonderful family and old friends and new is so boundless it cannot be expressed in words, except to say, "Thank you universe."

As you go about your day today, walk forward with naive courage, pure excitement, and gratitude that you are here to experience all life has to offer.  And if you happen to have a pink cowboy hat that matches your pink shirt and boots (or a white hat and shirt if you are a guy) like these adorable children I photographed with my iPhone striding to Lake Martin with their dad, you might lift everyone else's spirits too!