Gratitude for the Journey

Eelgrass ©Lynne Buchanan

Wakulla Springs at Dusk ©Lynne Buchanan

As the sun was seting on the first day of my adventure, I was filled with gratitude for existence and the mystery of life.  I had set off from the doctor’s office after hearing good news regarding a recent health scare.  The whole drive up to Wakulla I was noticing more details of everything I saw along the road, as if suddenly the whole world was more vibrant.  I was listening to Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon and his descriptions of what he saw driving the back roads inspired me to get off the Interstate near Tarpon Springs and drive through Homossasa Springs, Crystal River, and Otter Creek  before crossing the Santa Fe and heading west through the forests to reach my destination. 

When I arrived in the State Park where the lodge is located, I went down to the springs right away.  The water was very dark because of all the rain.   The sea grasses were still evident below the water, though typically they are much more visible.  (The state of the springs is actually quite tragic, but more about that tomorrow.  As it was the first day of my journey, I was focusing on the positive.)  I decided not to swim and instead went on a short hike to a footbridge that crossed a small stream off the main spring.  I stayed on the bridge as dusk settled in listening to the fish jump and warding off mosquitoes.  It was so peaceful, aside from the bugs biting, and the colors and reflections in the water from the sun behind me were subtle and warm.  I said a little prayer for being there, for being able to go on this journey, and for everything in nature that shares its energy and beauty with me.