Sometimes We Can't See the Convergence of Our Paths Until We Climb Higher

Loch Katrine from Ben A'An ©Lynne Buchanan
All Rights Reserved, Watermarked by Digimarc

Sometimes I can't see the convergence of my paths, the way my journey is coming together and unfolding in a more unified way that reflects who I am and what I truly believe in when all the layers of my old roles fall away.  Sometimes I feel lost and alone, like I speak a different language and my path is off kilter.  I know this is the human condition; just when we think we are finally finding our way, something happens and we lose sight of where we are going again.  Storm clouds form on the horizon and I become fearful of all the unknowns.  Suddenly there seem to be too many threats to my future and the future of this planet.  The problems seem insurmountable and I wonder how I can inspire others to keep hope alive, so that they might be motivated to walk away from a life of greed and dominance over the earth and join me in working for the common good.  I believe positive activism is far more effective than painting a totally negative picture and threatening people. 

Yet, even when these moods of despair overtake me, I know deep inside that if I just climb a little higher, I will catch a glimpse of where my path is leading.  I might discover it parallels and may even converge with the paths of other like-minded people in the not too distant future.  Instead of running in mental circles in the same old valley every day, I make the effort to put one foot in front of the other and lift myself up.  I ask myself, like Sandra Ingerman suggested, "What am I thinking now?"  If I discover I am using words that will create a negative reality, I reframe my thoughts to look for the positive lesson in whatever situation I find myself in.  It takes discipline and effort, but so does climbing a mountain and the view and fresh perspective are totally worth it.  I have been told I am a dreamer and a romantic, striving for some unattainable state, but actually I believe I am a realist who won't get trapped in the wrong reality.  I am not afraid to dream a new dream and even when it seems my dreams aren't quite coming true, I do believe in their power and know they manifest in their time and not mine, and so I keep climbing.