Pretty in Pink ©Lynne Buchanan
All Rights Reserved

Anyone who understands me, knows how much I love lilies and why.  They explode upon the scene in the most glorious colors taking such delicate forms, yet they grow in dank water.  To me, they are the best symbol of hope.  As Sandra Ingerman taught us in the Earth Medicine workshop I just attended in  Scotland, movement is a sign of health in all things.  I definitely agree with that.  When our energy gets blocked, we become unhealthy, upset, and imbalanced.  That is why many people strive to be in the flow by doing yoga, mediating, running, praying and any other means.  Yet, the incredible thing about lilies is that they celebrate life while growing in stagnant waters.  Not that we should aspire to exist in environments that are cut off from life force energy,  but it is comforting to know that we can still chose to shine not matter what state we find ourselves in.

I happened upon this lily in the most unlikely of circumstances.  I was visiting the Dunvegan Castle in Scotland and it was a dreary day with intermittent rain and a plethora of midges.  I purchased the midge spray in the visitor's center before I set out and though I was assured the locals considered it to be the best product, it did virtually no good anytime I stopped long enough to focus my camera. Then I saw this perfect, pink lily and almost cried.  I had to leap across a bed of flowers to get close enough to make a macro.  When I got into position, I didn't notice how many midges were swarming me.  I knew the colors, patterns of the leaves and the raindrops on the leaves created this scene that epitomized the dewy freshness of lilies and life to me.  A million midges could have (and probably did bite me) and I wouldn't have noticed or cared.  When I downloaded the image later, I was so happy I toughed it out like the lily and appreciated all life had to offer me in that moment.  This is a lesson I always want to remember...