Bluebells in the Trossachs


Bluebells in the Trossachs

©Lynne Buchanan

All Rights Reserved

This field next to the Lendrick Lodge in the Trossachs was definitely heaven on earth.   I can't tell you how many times I walked past it in the five days I was there.  Every time something different was revealed and I was ecstatic.  The best truly was when the sun rose and a starburst was created behind the trees.   This image was the perfect expression of what I experienced at Sandra Ingerman's workshop.  Her message was that we should all look upon the world in its divine perfection and shine our light like stars, so that we manifest the reality of our dreams.  She told us that Shamans say we have been dreaming the wrong dream and that is why our world is such a mess right now.  By focusing all our energy on problems, we just make things worse and worse.  We need to direct our attention on what is right with the world and lift everyone up, so people are motivated to make things better.  This concept resonated with me on a very deep level.  Without hope, we are lost.  Sandra's philosophy seemed very much in keeping with

Dewitt Jones' idea of celebrating what is right.  Before I met Sandra and Dewitt, I thought that seeking and expressing beauty in nature might be indulgent on my part and that I should be telling people about all the planet's problems and what we need to do to save the earth.  What I have realized in speaking to people about my photography is that people need to realize our world still has amazing beauty that deserves to be celebrated.  When people see images of such beauty that exist right now, then they are inspired to reconnect with the earth and their thoughts and actions will naturally turn to preservation.