Nothing in Life is Insignificant

The Significance of Three Small Rocks © Lynne Buchanan
Watermarked by Digimarc, All Rights Reserved

When I came upon this scene in the Alabama Hills, I immediately fell in love with the three small rocks in the distance.  They were so delicate among all the mammoth forms and yet so important.  It is these rocks that make the photograph work by arresting the eye instead of letting the viewer wander out of the scene.  They were so perfectly situated that it looked as if someone had intentionally placed them there, but I knew that was not likely.  Another happy accident of nature that was also a wonderful metaphor for life.  It is easy to feel inconsequential when we consider the vastness of the ocean, the magnitude of mountains, or the roaring power of rapids or hurricanes.  That's one side of the story.  And then there are the delicate plants and tiny insects that we regularly trample over without a second thought, yet they too have their equal importance in the web of life.  Bigger does not make better, being too outspoken is not always a virtue.  Listening, being attentive to the interrelations of things and what lies beneath the surface, this is what I am opening to understanding...