The Wave as it Begins to Collapse In on Itself

Wave Collapsing In on Itself ©Lynne Buchanan
All Rights Reserved

Gathering the energy of Mother Molokai, the group at the Hui, the magic of the elements, staying fluid and bringing it all into the center of my being and allowing the power of water to dissolve stagnant areas and break down boundaries. Exploding into I know not what. Not running from fear of the unknown. Staying present with my fear. Laughing, crying, living with the fullness of what the universe offers me every day-especially in this magical environment. I pray I can keep a small kernel of this experience with me in my heart, not as some perfectly preserved state of balance, but as the impetus of destruction for rebirth every day and in every moment. Never tiring of the miracles that are seemingly much smaller than this, but truly the molecules of water and air that make the glass always 100% full, as Dewitt's T-shirt so wisely proclaims. Blessed to be alive and with such beautiful, creative, real people. THANK YOU from the depths of my soul....