Hope in the Midst of Darkness

Hope ©Lynne Buchanan
All Rights Reserved

Strangest re-entry I have ever had from a spiritual and connected place. At the San Diego airport yesterday, on my way home from a workshop on Molokai, I learned what happened in Boston. It is the first time I did not run that race in many years. I am thankful I did not go, since where the explosions occurred is exactly where my family and friends usually wait for me. Yet, feeling thankful I did not run seems so hollow, when I think about everyone who was injured and the mayhem that ensued. So much horror and pain inflicted upon innocent people. My heart wants to shut down completely. Yet, I realize that it is only some people who do these awful, incomprehensible things. There are still positive, loving, people who want to make the world better and bloom in the midst of so much barrenness. We must keep the light from burning out, as it clearly has in so many people's souls and open our hearts even more to hold even those responsible for this tragedy. Finding something to celebrate, even one small blossom, is the only hope for our planet. When the beauty of life is truly recognized along with our fundamental interconnectedness, it makes harming another impossible.  We must shine a light into the dark places and give each other strength and hope. Please join me in sending love and prayers to all who were harmed today and their families and to all the people in Boston and humanity