Celebrating the Earth and Synchronistic Patterns

Chance Illuminated and Defined ©Lynne Buchanan
Watermarked by Digimarc, All Rights Reserved

The earth is continually revealing itself to me, in its miraculous, random manifestations at each unique moment, just waiting to be discovered and celebrated.  I love that I can't plan exactly what will happen when I go out to photograph.  I have to be open to what might happen when the light and weather conditions intersect as I let myself wander towards what calls to me.  Some days seem more miraculous than others, because they are lit up so brilliantly it takes my breath away.  This image was made in Death Valley last fall.  We were walking among the sand dunes when golden light hit the sand and cast a warm glow over everything, making the earth shimmer.  This energetic pulsation was accentuated by the shadows the ridges of the sand cast, which made the scene vibrate even more.  I was amazed how these designs, caused by random gusts of wind, made such coherent and interesting patterns.  Lately, I have been reflecting that my life is like this.  On the surface, chance seems to determine so much of what happens to me, and yet when I see how one ripple leads to the next there is so much synchronicity that it seems like what I thought were unrelated occurrences are part of some plan that my conscious mind is too limited to see.  Every now and again, I catch a glimpse of the unfolding order, a small snapshot of the macrocosm reflected in the microcosm.