The River of Life and Balancing Your Energy

"Serpentine Trees, Hillsborough River"
©Lynne Buchanan. All Right Reserved.  Image watermarked by Digimarc

Here is a recent image I shot on the Hillsborough River, an example of what will be on display in my upcoming exhibition at the Museum of South Florida.  The exhibition is slated to open sometime in March and will run through June.  I will post the exact opening date as soon as it is available.  I am so honored that the museum is exhibiting my work and hope that it will motivate people to save our rivers before it is too late.  Already so much damage has been done through fertilizer runoff, draining, and other development issues.  As we move forward in accommodating the influx of people into our state, a trend I am well aware of from my past life in commercial banking, we need to be conscious of the ramifications of our actions upon the environment.  The rivers in Florida contain some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  Please join me in honoring these natural resources by doing your part to ensure their continued existence. 

"Serpentine Trees" speaks to my soul in the way it exhibits balance and fluidity, while retaining a strong center.  In the past few weeks, I have been very busy and I keep running into people who have also been busy and stressed out.  It seems to be the nature of life in the 21st century.  Without external and internal pressures, things often remain undone and sometimes it is impossible to avoid these pressures. even if we want to  Yet succumbing to them often brings us to a state of imbalance, especially if these pressures cause us to act in ways that are not in accordance with our authentic selves. Whenever I am feeling pressured and ungrounded, all I have to do is go kayak on a river or take a hike somewhere and I soon feel more connected with my life's purpose. When I step away from the commotion of daily life and take a deep breath in nature, I am suddenly aware of the path back to my center and how important it is to stay on track with my own goals.  Nature also reminds me of just how small our place is, though our ability to appreciate and preserve it places the responsibility of ensuring it's good health and the health of the planet in our hands.

Although it is not always possible for us to go walk in nature when we are in the midst of uncomfortable situations, we can create this same sense of spaciousness through our breath.  These little pockets of awareness are what prevent us from going down the drain, as Tami Simon put it when she interviewed Pema Chodran on Sounds True. (Take comfort in the fact that Pema Chodron states most enlightened beings she knows have bad tempers or other negative behaviors that suddenly break out unexpectedly. )  Of course regular yoga and mediation practices are a great idea, especially since we can bring ourselves into a state of balance fairly quickly by focusing on our breath.