For the New Year, Vow to Draw into Your own Truth and to Live the One Life that is Right for You.

Lily River Styx @ Lynne Buchanan
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There are so many possibilities that exist in life at every moment and so many people and forces in the world that can help us on our way, but it we don’t draw in and stay true to our authentic selves, the essence that we were each born with, we can become distracted and lose sight of our purpose.  Yes, our purpose and our work is always unfolding, but when we direct our attention inwards we will always discover some unchanging aspect that reflects our core.  When we lose awareness of the connection with our essential nature, this is when we begin to flounder and go down dead-end paths.

The importance of drawing into your truth is very relevant at the start of a New Year, when many of us make vows.  Just because you make a vow does not make it something that is meaningful or appropriate for you, unless it is a vow that connects with your essence and true purpose.  It is also more likely that you will uphold those vows you make when you are connected, since they are of greater personal value.

When I first started practicing yoga, the hairs on my neck rose when people talked about the importance of living your truth.  I thought the majority of the world’s problems stemmed from people claiming that their truth was better than somebody else’s.  I felt that telling people to live their truth was dangerous.  However, now I see that any truth proclaiming superiority over another truth is false and not the truth yoga directs us to seek.  All these false truths and vows come from the chatter that is always around us and that drowns out our true voices.  In order to connect with our own truths, we have to listen in silence with open focus, so that we are able to take in only that which truly resonates with us.   When we take something in, we do so recognizing it as something we have been seeking which in fact has always existed within us.  These are the “aha” moments of our awakening.

Our truth is at the very core of our being.  When we tap into this core, which is our higher Self, we realize that we are not isolated beings but in fact are truly connected.  We draw in from the many to the one and in the one we discover the many again, which is something recognized by all ancient cultures.  Our truth is our unique manifestation of this cycle, and it reflects our understanding on every level that we are all one and inseparably connected with each other, the natural world, and the entire cosmos.  All hierarchies of power dissolve and all reason for violence is lost.  When we draw into our own intertwined truths, it becomes clear that harming another is the same as harming oneself and that when we destroy nature we are violating what sustains us. The more people who vow to awaken and live according to their true purpose, the more hope there is for the salvation of our planet.

So in this New Year, let us make our authentic vows in the silence of open awareness of what is.  Let us make them count by doing our best to not break them and by staying true to our essential nature, which has always existed within us since the moment we were born.  If we do this, we will know our path is in alignment with what is best for our own lives and the health of the planet.