First Batch of Africa Photographs

Image @ Lynne Buchanan all rights reserved
Watermarked by Digimarc

I have processed and posted a group of photographs from my trip to Kenya last summer and will be posting a second group of images in a few days.  It was an amazing safari.  I fell in love with not only the magnificent animals but the beautiful, exotic birds, and of course the earth.  The cycle of life was so apparent.  I saw baby chicks and carcasses lying on the ground, as well as new growth and trees toppled by elephants.  This photograph was taken in the Nairobi National Game Park on our first day there.  We were driving around a bend in the road and I saw the lion on the top of the sign from a distance.  He was situated so perfectly and appeared so sphinx-like that I thought it was a statue, until we got closer.  No one could believe it.  You can see the city of Nairobi in the distance.  Please visit my website at to see the photographs I have posted so far.  Enjoy!