Stockholm in November

I just returned from a wonderful weeklong trip to Sweden, where we celebrated my Godfather's 80th birthday at a party in a small castle in Stockholm.  Listening to the speech he made and the toasts in his honor reaffirmed my belief that he has been a soul father to me and that his dedication to the pursuit of truth and beauty has been one of the greatest influences of my life.  Gunnar, a retired Agricultural Minister for Sweden, has dedicated much of his life to preserving the natural environment.   He is also a deeply spiritual human being and a philosopher, who followed his own path in life.  I am so grateful for all that he has opened my eyes to and for the deep conversations we have had over the years.  I attribute much of my spiritual connection with nature to my Nordic heritage, which I have learned about through Gunnar.

Swans at Sunrise in Royal Djurgarden Park, Stockholm

The Nordic Museum from Royal Djurgarden Park

Ostermalm Stockholm from Royal Djurgaden Park

(All photographs © Lynne Buchanan, watermarked by Digimarc)

Above are three photographs I took on a cold November morning in Royal Djurgarden Park just before the sun rose.  The clouds turned so many beautiful colors and lit up the water in a truly magical way.  I did not bring my SLR on this trip, since I didn't expect to have a lot of time for photography, but I did have my new Sony RX100 which does quite well in low light on a tripod.  If you are in the market for a compact digital camera to take with you on your travels, I highly recommend this new camera with its large sensor--especially for landscape photographs.  The resolution is unlike anything I have experienced with a pocket camera before.