The Lion's Power Lies in our Fear of Him

Lions After the Kill ©Lynne Buchanan (All Rights Reserved Watermarked by Digimarc)

“The lion’s power lies in our fear of him.”--Nigerian Proverb

When I was in Amboseli, I wanted to go for a run outside the confines of the compound.  I asked the people at the lodge if they would let me, after I promised I could outrun a lion.  They clearly thought that was pure foolishness.  Then I said I was not afraid of lions and they reconsidered and told me to come back in the morning, and they would let me know their decision.  In the end, I was permitted to run with the Kenyan head of security, who they said was very fast and knew how to avert danger.  We had the most incredible run and saw baboons and zebras and wart hogs and Masai women carrying sticks, who asked me to share their load.  So often it is our fear that causes us to lose our strength in the face of the unknown or “other,” and this prevents us from experiencing the fullness of life.