Consciousness is an Ocean of Interconnectedness

"If you don't become the ocean, you'll be seasick every day."  Leonard Cohen

"Our personal experiences of pain and joy, grief and despair, may be unique to each of us in the forms they take, yet our capacity to feel grief, fear, loneliness, and rage, as well as delight, intimacy, joy and ease are our common bonds as human beings.  They are the language of the heart that crosses the borders of "I" and "you." Christina Feldman

Listened to Dr. Rick Hanson's Sounds True interview with Richie Davidson last night.  Studies done by Davidson and his team on Tibetan Contemplatives engaged in compassionate mediations sculpted the brain so dramatically they were able to observe these changes with the human eye.  Measurable changes were evident in novice subjects who meditated just 30 minutes a day for two weeks.  Our stance to the world changes our brain, according to Davidson, and enables us to act more skillfully when we encounter people who are suffering and behaving disharmoniously.

(Casey Key, Clouds and Water by Lynne Buchanan.  All rights reserved, watermarked by Digimarc.)

When we adopt a compassionate stance we experientially realize we are all one.   Even in conflict, we are two sides of the same being.  Consciousness is an ocean of interconnectedness.