Bringing Love into All the Dark Corners

Bringing love into all the dark corners is the path of being a human being. The whole purpose of our spiritual journey is not just becoming happy and fixing everything.  Rather, it is to heal our relationship to our core wound, so that we no longer feel compelled to reject or avoid it.  When we can hold it and everything else in our lives in awareness and love, we become filled with a sense of well being. ( (Paraphrased from John Welwood's July 3, 2012 podcast with Tami Simon "Healing the Core Wound of the Heart.

In order to genuinely love another, we must first love our complete being--the beautiful flowers of our heart, the snakes hidden in our subconscious, and the rest of our shadow side.  The more aware we are of all aspects of ourselves, the more whole we are and the more able we are to live an authentic life.  We can reconnect with our true essence, which is openness and love.  We run into trouble when we avoid parts of our personality and emotional scars and leave them buried inside.  When we aren't fully aware, the hidden parts often motivate our behavior and lead us to do things that don't mesh with who we  really are and our true path. My shaman tells me, when we are whole we attract others who are whole and our chances of entering into a right relationship improve.  Through right relationship, we learn to open to ourselves, to another, and ultimately to all of life.  Set an intention to water and tend to the garden of your being in its entirety...

"Lilies in Light and Shadow" © Lynne Buchanan
(All Rights Reserved by the artist, image watermarked by Digimarc)

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