Dusk Over Dublar Char Fishing Village in the Sundarbans, Fishing Villages Threatened by Rising Seas and the Rampal Power Plant.jpg
Sundarbans Boats Coming Up the Canals0496.jpg
Sundarbans Rising Seas and the Threat of A Coal Burning Power Plant Are Bad Omens for Fishermen0587.jpg
Sundarbans Gathering of Fisherpeople in Dublar Char to Discuss Threats to Their Way of Life0517.jpg
Sundarbans Gathering in Dublar Char to Discuss Immenent Dangers Facing their Village from Climate Change and Fossil Fuels0514.jpg
Coming In from Rinsing the Small Fish to Make Chapa Shuntki0603.jpg
Sundarbans Sorting Small Fish as Part of the Semi Fermenting Process of Making Chapa Shuntki0633.jpg
Sundarbans Fisherman Carrying a Net, Off to Fish in Crocodile and Shark Infested Waters Amid Forests where Tigers and Robbers are Lurking 0581.jpg
For Sundarbans Fishermen The Future is Uncertain  at the End of Each Drying Season0577.jpg
Sundarbans Blue Economy Lags Behind India's, and Even Making Chapa Suntki is Threatened by Sea Level Rise0569.jpg
Man Carrying Wood, Illegal Deforestation6915.jpg
Sundarbans Mangrove Tunnel6795.jpg
Sundarbans Deer and Monkeys on the Beach6902.jpg
Sundarban Monkey and Fallen Tree6808.jpg
Sundarbans Rufus Orange Tree Kingfisher6932.jpg
Sundarban Habitat of Crested Serpent Eagle on Red Endangered Species List is Threatened by Climate Change and the Fossil Fuel Industry6944.jpg
Lesser Adjutant Wood Stork on Endangered List6792.jpg
Sundarbans Canal Invitation to Infinity0783.jpg
Sundarbans Fresh Tiger Tracks.jpg
Sundarbans Bengal Tiger Habitat, With Golpata–Narrow Tunnel Off a Canal0796.jpg
Mangrove Roots Holding On for Dear Life in the Sundarbans0717.jpg
Sundarban Mangrove Islands Under Threat of Sea Level Rise7036.jpg
Sundarbans Dead Tree Line, Every Year Islands Disappear 6694.jpg
Sundarbans Receding Streams Near Hiron Point Park0729.jpg
Sundarbans National Park, Where Parched Earth is Increasingly Common in  Winter Months0727.jpg
Sundarbans Near Hiron Point Park, A World Unesco Site Experiencing Climate Change and Dying Trees0728.jpg
Trucks Going to Rampal6149.jpg
Sundarbans Men Viewing Coal Removal6733.jpg
Bangladesh Countryside, Working in Hazy Arid Fields Before the Start of the Monsoon Season6319.jpg
Padma (Ganges) Riverbank in Bangladesh with Diminsihed Flow 6378.jpg
Water Ponds are Central to Life in Rural Bangaldesh But Face Many Problems Exacerbated by Climate Change 6305.jpg
Sunset Over Diminishing Rice Paddy Fields, Bangladesh is Expected to Lose Ten Percent by 2030.jpg