As an artist, I express my emotional response to being in a particular place at a particular time.  My work invites viewers to become more than spectators, by re-experiencing the feelings and sensations nature evokes.  When exposure light and compositional elements are manipulated, it is to suggest and communicate the energetic forces that pulsate beneath the surface and connect all of life.  When I experience this energetic connection, a deep healing takes place, both physically and spiritually.  Not only do I reconnect with the external natural world, I also rediscover my authentic self as I reflect on what my vision reveals about my internal nature.


Exploring rivers is a very meditative experience.  It helps me understand my place, as one being in the web of existence of equal value to the rest of life.  Although my existence and experiences are transitory, capturing moments of genuine connection through photographs or other mementoes allows me to experience the universal aspect of life.  


My images portray transient moments in a way that catapults my subjects into a more timeless and enduring sense of beauty that everyone can experience when they slow down, look closely and are fully engaged in the moment.  In sharing my photography, I hope to inspire others to become more empathetic toward all life forms and to achieve greater understanding of themselves.


Lynne Buchanan